Hi! I'm Calypso, or just Callie for short.. I use she/her pronouns

I'm an 18 year old Computer Science student.

Some quick facts about me

I created this website recently to make sure that I maintain a permanent presence on the internet somewhere. I spend a lot of time jumping between many different social media websites, and although I've managed to settle on a few I visit regularly (tumblr especially), seeing people lose their accounts out of the blue or a website becoming unrecognizable due to updates. I thought that my own personal website would put most of the control in my hands, which comes with some cavaets (I'm lazy and just won't work on it all the time).

With the poltiics of late 2010s and early 2020s internet aside, I just really enjoy the old-internet vibe and privacy of neocities. I grew up in the 2010s, so I'm not a true "old-web" user but I like the creativity and sleuthing that those times offered. I also see it as a way to fix my mushy brain from endless and repetitive scrolling.

Although this website will probably not be entirely coherent for a while, I'm having so much fun making it. I hope that you get some entertainment out of it too. Or learn something new, or just see that we have a common interest. Who knows?

Here's some more info about me!


Where else can you find me?

Want to contact me?

Email me at gingernesses@gmail.com

Now for some blinkies and buttons!